Substance Abuse Foundation for Education

Our mission is to provide substance abuse services to anyone. We understand that substance abuse can affect anyone in society and transcends profession, sex, age, heritage or any other factor. Our services are designed to educate our clients in a non-judgmental forum where we don’t talk to you, we talk with you. If you, a family member or a friend is battling a substance abuse problem, please contact us. Your information will remain private throughout the process and if our foundation is not the best avenue we can refer you to another agency to continue your substance abuse services. The worst call is the one you don’t make.

Our Services

  • Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse Course (ADSAC)
  • Victim Impact Panel
  • Substance Abuse counseling
  • and more...


About Us

Our staff consists of people who are dedicated to helping others understand and move past their substance abuse issues. We understand that substance abuse or related court cases do not define a person. We have people with law enforcement background, counseling backgrounds and we understand how the court system works. This gives us the ability to work with you or your attorney to individualize a plan of action to achieve your goals.


We don't talk to you, we talk with you.